Month: April 2013

027: Laurel and Josh Weed voice support for all LGBT people, address their opinions about marriage equality and other issues

In part 3 or 3 Josh and Lollie talk about a variety of LGBT issues including marriage equality and their desire to advocate for change within mormonism to benefit its LGBT members. Play in new window | Download

026: Laurel and Josh Weed talk about mixed-orientation marriages and about their coming out

On part 2 of 3 Josh and Lollie talk about their experience in a mixed-orientation , the motivation and events that led to their public coming out and┬átheir concerns about being held up as role models. Play in…

025: Laurel and Josh Weed on their youth, their friendship, dealing with orientation and making a decision to marry

In part 1 of 3 Josh and Lolly describe their long history together that included a close friendship as adolescents, how Josh coped with his sexual orientation and the bullying he faced, and how they fell in love and decided…