The Mormon ‘It Gets Better’ YouTube Project

The Mormon It Gets Better YouTube project is a crowdsourced collection of our voices of love and support for our Mormon LGBTQ/SSA community members. Anyone may home-record a short video, upload it to YouTube and submit it to the Mormon It Gets Better YouTube Channel. Click here to watch a sample video. Upload instructions may be found here.

In early April, gay Brigham Young University students boldly released an online It Gets Better video relating their experiences as same-sex attracted Mormons attending a church university. Nearly 400,000 views later, straight Mormons responded with a second It Gets Better video declaring love and support for their LGBTQ brothers and sisters. The videos are small pieces of a longstanding online conversation about Mormonism and sexuality that we hope is improving the quality of all our lives through strengthening our relationships regardless of sexual orientation.

The crowdsourced YouTube project is an extension of this conversation and we hope all will feel free to participate. Many voices together are more powerful than a few voices alone. Please add your voice today. There are people who need to hear from you.

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