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041: John Hamer Pt. 2 on coming back to Mormonism by way of history, and finding his calling at the Community of Christ

In part 2 of 2 John discusses his post-Mormon journey and his efforts to form community among ex-Mormons, becoming an expert on Mormon history, finding community at the Community of Christ, and he argues the benefits of a community that…

034: Bryan Hendrickson and Adam Allred Pt. 3 discuss their evolving relationships with Mormonism and moving forward

  In part 3 of 3 Adam and Bryan discuss the different ways they have resolved their Mormonism, and their different ways of participating, their hopes about relationships, bridge building, forming community, and their desire to maintain their Mormon identities.…

033: Bryan Hendrickson and Adam Allred Pt. 2 discuss accepting their orientations and managing their Mormonism

In part 2 of 3 Bryan and Adam discuss the process of coming out, working with Evergreen, North Star, as well as non-LDS support groups, and how they each developed different stances on where they place their Mormonism.